“Since I was a child, I accompanied my parents in the field work. Not because I liked it, but because of necessity.
Part of my childhood and youth was spent in these fields, helping my parents, while my friends played, went out with friends, and won over some girls…”


“The process was repeated every year … Throwing away wine that had not been consumed (at this time only for own consumption), preparing the oaks, and all other materials, picking the grapes, which as a child seemed to have no end…

I hated those tasks!”


“Now, as a result of my age, and also because my father is no longer with us, I feel a huge attraction for the land and customs of other times.

As a young man, I never thought I would feel this attraction, but it turns out to be the best escape from modern and technological routines.”


“And so, this project, SILVAMATHIAS Wines, was born, as a dedication to all the effort that my parents made to raise and educate three children.”

In each bottle we deliver a piece of this gratitude goes.

Never fail to thank those who still can. “


“Our wines are from the Dão Region – Portugal, which we proudly represent.”


SILVAMATHIAS Wines is also, the result of a fusion between the passion for wines and the sensations that a wine can convey to us. We love to communicate, create bonds between people, create and share moments that remain for prosperity.

You will receive, news, stories about us...
but the most important, you will be part of our family!