Carlos Vaz Pinto



Unique moment

O meu primeiro troféu oficial, a Super Taça 2017 / 2018 da Etiópia pelo St. George


What moment do you consider unique in your career that you cannot forget?

Vaz Pinto

My first official trophy, the Ethiopia 2017/2018 Super Cup by St. George, was a moment I will never forget.

After having already played two finals, which I lost, the third was for good.

Amazingly, this i was not focused on the result, but on making the most of that experience. I focused a lot on the process and ended up enjoying the moment. I think that this state of tranquility ended up influencing the players as well.

Despite having won more achievements (distinctions, best coach award … etc) in several countries, the first trophy will never be forgotten.

At the time of the celebrations of the conquest, before the delivery of the trophy, there was a power failure, and what at first seemed to spoil the party, turned out to be an epic moment.

Este momento teve um significado muito especial.


What do you feel when you remember that moment?

Vaz Pinto

Whenever I recall this moment, my thoughts of the final minutes of the game come to mind. When I realized that the title no longer escaped, I recalled all the commitment and dedication that my parents and my grandfather dedicated to my growth as a person and as a professional.

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