Paulo Moreira

Multimedia Producer, Teacher


Unique moment

… No way … motorcycles only when you have money to pay for it …


What moment do you consider unique in your career that you cannot forget?

Paulo Moreira

When this challenge was launched, I started to go back in time looking for a unique moment. I went through the birth of my daughter, the creation of my first company, the crazy stories I went through with my university colleagues and stopped when I decided to buy my first motorcycle. I was only 15 years old.

I attended the 10th year of schooling and most of my friends had motorbikes, but at the age of 15 I couldn’t get my license to drive. I asked my parents the question and they said … No way … bikes only when you have money to pay for it …

The following month, (disgusted) I decided to go to work at a logistics company and spent the whole summer carrying refrigerators on my back. At the end of the summer, I bought the motorcycle that, after 25 years, remains immaculate in my garage. A Yamaha DT 50.


What do you feel when you remember that moment?

Paulo Moreira

t was one of the most important moments in my life, because I realized that to have what I wanted I needed to roll up my sleeves and fight for my dreams.

Paulo, thanks for sharing your unique moment.

We will help to make this moment eternal, as we know that it exists, as long as it is remembered, by you, by us or by others.

We want to enrich that moment and immortalize it in the essence of our existence.

Here, the story is yours!

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