Let me get straight to the point – I’m going to share a wine, which as far as I’m concerned is the best wine in the world: Vinha de Reis Tinto.

Why? Because it was the wine I drank for the first dinner I had with the woman who would later become my wife, my companion and mother of my children.

But what you ask has that got to do with the quality of the wine? Absolutely nothing!


I firmly believe that our perception of how good a wine is, is influenced by the occasion, the moment, good food or good company. The perception is created by the things that arouse emotions.


The more technical among you must be thinking by now that I know nothing about wine…. In part, you’re right. Neither I nor most people have much of a clue about wine, true.


Aren’t the wines considered to be the ‘best in the world’ any good? Sure they are. They’re amazing. But so few can truly understand them, experience them to the full, taste all they have to offer.


If everybody was able to understand wines fully, there would be no need for specialists. We would all be specialists. But the truth is, we are all only specialists in our own little worlds.


To state that one wine is better than another is highly subjective and you can be sure that there are people who will identify more with the wines of a given region, one type of wine or one variety of grape.


But I don’t actually want to be a wine specialist. I want to enjoy the happy memories that come with opening, drinking and sharing a bottle of wine.


Boozy get togethers…

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