I was with a friend in the wine isle choosing a bottle of wine. I picked one out and he said, “Seriously… you’re getting that one?”


There are many factors that lead us to choose one wine over another. The region, the grape varieties, the brand or the appearance. For me, looks count a lot…

I know, it sounds silly.


You can make your choice based on other factors, and that’s fine with me. But you know, when your instincts unconsciously choose a wine, it says a lot about you.


I’m a maniac – for colours, print details, irreverence and fascinating bottles.


That’s just my style, and I like it.


If I choose a wine for my father-in-law based on my tastes, I know he won’t be impressed because he has other tastes, other cultural references and other experiences.


That’s why when I take my father-in-law a wine, I take him something with a more “classic” image, or a well-known brand with more notoriety.


If it’s for me, I have to feel like I can keep the bottle on the shelf after drinking it. It’s a piece of art.


We all react to emotions.


And you, what emotion do you want to feel when you choose a wine?

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